We are completely and utterly devoted to the Chicago design scene, and we love shopping at actual brick-and-mortar stores. But every so often, our eyes wander. While sourcing an item in our upcoming January/February issue (the chandelier in the private dining area at Sepia, which you will see if you pick up the mag in a month or so), I was introduced to Atlanta-based Pieces, from where the aforementioned fixture was purchased by local designer Gary Lee. This boutique has a great, user-friendly website. All of the merchandise is searchable by clicking on key (very key) words, like Brown (or Blue or Pink or Orange or Red or Black), Ceramic, Brass, Leather, Chrome, Lucite, Lamps, etc., displayed on a banner on the home page. Click on what interests you, and you will see all the options available in this category (above see a screen shot of some of what comes up under “Green”). It’s so very easy to shop this way… and the merchandise is a great mix of vintage and new, with a glam aesthetic. Just sayin’.