I knew I never should have brought home the Dux Bed brochure. My husband started flipping through it, becoming more and more engrossed, and disparaging about our “inferior” bed. Thank God I hadn’t taken him to the opening party of Duxiana at Tree Studios! It’s truly hard not to get hooked on what they’re selling (Champagne helps, too): The secret is 4,980 springs in a Dux bed compared to about 1,000 in most mattresses, organic, all-natural materials, headboards that tilt down for reading (and which come with zip-off cover so you can change colors on a whim), zip-off mattress covers (since the bed will likely outlast its cover), and easily customizable support for each side of the bed. Not convinced? You’re welcome to take an up to four-hour nap in the lower-level “sleep room” (shown here). It’s basically a little hotel room outfitted with the silkiest Dux mattress and bed linens. It’s one of the company’s three sleep rooms in the U.S.—in New York, says area manager Mark Wilson, 70 percent of shoppers who take a nap on the bed emerge with credit card ready. (Actually, at between $5,000 and $12,000, it’s not much of a hit for a luxury bed that will likely be the last one you buy.) May my husband never learn of the sleep room.