It’s no secret that a whole lot of people who love home design also love their pets. Interior designers Todd Haley, Susan Fredman, and the owners of Hudson Home are all gaga about their dogs; I just came across this interview with Nate Berkus about living with furry friends in Tails magazine. Seems like the pros don’t worry too much about dog hair on their furniture or paw marks on their floors. (Cats are a different story… if you’ve got clawing kitties, we’ve got tips here. If you truly love your pet, then perhaps you need a plaque made in its honor. Made by local artist Kristen Romaniszak (out of gouache and ink on paper, glued to wood) these quirky portraits are available through Asrai Garden ($60 for 4-by-4 inch size; $140 for 5-by-7). All you need do is provide a photo of your beloved; delivery time is about two weeks.