Good news, Fido! Here’s one plaything you’re allowed to chew: the newly developed Dog Face toy available at Doca Pet just in time for gift-giving season this November. It’s never easy to find design-conscious pet accessories, especially ones that fit seamlessly into a hyper-modern kitchen or living room. This is why I’m happy to have stumbled upon Doca Pet, a year-and-a-half old company whose Chicago-based founder was plagued by the same problem. Designer Luke Wong is a graduate of the School of The Art Institute of Chicago and the creative brains behind furniture line Studio Wai. Lucky for us, he decided to create his own range of modern canine accessories once he brought home Madyson, his playful Weimaraner and muse. This new chewable toy is made from natural (and very durable) rubber. “I got tired of seeing balloon and ball toys for pets,” Wong said. “So I created something a little more iconic.” Wong’s modern line also includes three minimalist dog bowl stands with rubber non-skid bumpers and a set of small, medium, and large polished stainless steel bowls—all available for purchase through Doca Pet’s website. I’ll be wrapping up one of his powder-coated and steel designs for my own ‘best friend’ this holiday season!