I can’t remember the last time a store opening has generated this much excitement in Chicago. The Rug Company came to Chicago last week, and some superstars of this city’s design world came out to welcome it. Stephanie Wirth and GeorgeAnn Rivas of Leo Designs, Jessica LaGrange, Michael Richman, Marshall Erb, and Bruce Fox were at the opening party, hosted by co-founder Christopher Sharp. All were gushing, not just about the firms rugs, which they love (but have had to shop from afar), but about the space. The handmade carpets, designed by Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Eva Ziesel, and other giants, are hung from pulleys from the double-height ceiling of this glass-fronted space. Coming up on the showroom from south on Clark, it looks like mecca for modern rug lovers. And it is.