There’s a new luxe custom linen source in town: Kearsley. Though the company has had private clients in Chicago, it’s never been represented by a showroom. That ended when Kneen & Co. in Lincoln Park decided to show the line here. Kearsley’s founder, Heather Kearsley Wolf, was in town recently for a trunk show at Kneen, and she told us she started the company in part because she couldn’t find what she wanted from Pratesi and other high-end linen makers.

All Kearsley fabrics are woven in Italy and Belgium, and are either custom sewn in Italy or the US, with painstaking attention to detail. To make their custom sheets and pillowcases, the company takes into account the depth, width, and length of your mattress, considers how you tuck (or not), and whether your pillows and duvets are feather, down, or a combo. Sheet sets range from $1,200-$7,000, but because the fibers are so long, the essential sateen sheet should last 10-14 years (linen, a minimum of 20). Too rich for your blood? Kearsley will be adding a secondary bedding label next year that will sell for about $400-$900 a set. Click here for more photos from the trunk show.