Last month my hair stylist mentioned that a couple of her clients were opening a home store in Forest Park. I told her to get me an invite to the opening. What a home store it turned out to be! Yearbook is an amazing new source for vintage finds. Think Scout and Brimfield mixed with some P.O.S.H. Yearbook is the brainchild of Noel Eberline, who has a business background, and Jef Anderson, who was previously a design director and stylist for the home divisions of Bloomingdale’s and Marshall Field’s, and has worked with private residential clients. Housed in a 1920s brick two-flat, with high tin ceilings and tall leaded glass windows, the shop has given me renewed faith in retail at a time when one of my favorite Forest Park stores, AtWork Design, is closing (be sure to get over there for big deals as they close things out). Anderson and Eberline are also offering design services in their studio in back of the shop

Photo Courtesy of Wes Cleaver Photography