Photograph Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

The wave of gussied-up cleaning gear is not particularly new: Method and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day brightly hued bottles have been making home supplies aisles a bit more interesting for a while now. Recently, though, some modern furnishing stores have taken fun-shaped canisters and pretty labels to a fashionable new level, releasing full-blown collections of products easily mistaken for artisanal décor.

Crate and Barrel’s new Clean Slate line won’t be slammed into a closet the second it’s finished a grimy job. This fire-engine-red dustpan with accordion edges and a curvy handle? Almost sultry. How about that pearwood and pig bristle clothes brush (front and center)? Thank Germany’s Redecker family of artisan brushmakers for a whole slew of sturdy yet attractive feather dusters, fly swatters and fellow brush kin.

Same goes for West Elm Market’s Common Good sage leaf soaps and futuristic Metro vacuums—they'll look sophisticated on any spring-cleaning binge.