In 1999, not long after the printing shop that Jennifer Farrell worked at folded, she decided to start her own letterpress company. She collected all of the equipment she’d need and opened up Starshaped Press, a 900-square foot studio in Ravenswood. As the website boasts, the shop is still "printing entirely like it's 1929," setting antique metal and wood letters by hand.

While the majority of the work produced by Starshaped is custom-made for clients, from time to time, Farrell branches out and creates limited editions of prints and cards. Her designs tend to draw on the history of letterpress and highlight the uniqueness and handmade nature of the process.

Farrell's newest series, called "Vintage Eats" (shown above) was inspired by an old printing plate her mother found at an antique store. The prints ($18 each) would be great for dressing up a vintage kitchen—or giving a modern one some retro warmth.

See the rest of Farrell's collection at her Etsy store.