PHOTOGRAPH: COURTESY prairie production

Medium Cool will take over the space at Prairie Production for an art book fair on Sunday afternoon.

Take a look at your book collection. Is it filled with generic popular paperbacks and hardcover classics? You need to make it a little edgier, and an event this Sunday is perfect for doing just that.

From noon to 8 p.m., a book fair called Medium Cool is taking over the event space at Prairie Production (1314 W. Randolph St.), shown here. This cash-only sale is featuring books from more than 60 artists, designers, publishing houses, and collectives.

A warning, though: The offerings aren’t like the ones you’d find from mainstream publishers like Taschen. They are more like the indie-punk versions of those books. But all that means is that your collection will be so much cooler than anybody else’s.

Also, you’re helping support contemporary artists and designers. It’s a win-win!