Do you consider yourself an all-star tweeter? Put your skills to the test. Blu Dot has taken to the Twitterverse to host friendly (read: super-competitive) games of musical chairs. All week long fans will have the opportunity to “tweet for a seat” and winners will receive one of Blu Dot’s new Hot Mesh Chairs. The modern furniture maker partnered with the band Doppio for this promotion. Here’s how to play. Visit the website and follow @bludot on Twitter. To give you a taste of what will happen when you go back to the aforementioned site: music will be playing and when it stops a secret phrase will appear on the screen. For example, “Some chairs got it. Some chairs don’t. #bludot” Tweet the phrase as fast as possible, but be careful — capitalization and punctuation count! The game will continue until one person remains. See if you can tweet your way to a free chair today at 4:15, 4:40, and 5:08 CST. More game times will be posted on Twitter throughout the week. May the odds be ever in your favor.