About six years ago, Chicago designer Sarah Santi found herself eager for a new creative outlet, so she signed up for a screen printing lesson. She quickly fell in love with the art form, and built it into a business to complement her work in magazine ads, packaging, and logo design. Today, her prints appear in the Etsy store Yellowlion.

Her beautiful prints are inspired by her own daily observations, and the effect works quite well. Some designs are a new take on nature—the print shown is based on the fields Santi would pass while taking the train home from work. There are city scenes, like a cheery yellow school bus, a fire truck, and a strikingly attractive 18-wheeler. Santi's folk art and feather prints are the perfect way to complete a nursery or add a touch of beauty to a kitchen wall—and they're a rare chance to support a local designer with art that's both affordable, unique, and really attractive.