Last week, I checked out the spring collection at Room & Board and here is how it went:

1. Upon entering, my eyes met with the velvet emerald-green Murphy sofa and it was love at first sight (I’m not sure how Murphy felt about me—it was one of those freezing days and I know I had hat hair and a snotty nose). I fell for this little gem not because I faithfully fall for whatever hue Pantone names as the color of the year, but because this sofa’s slightly flared arms and demure silhouette makes me want to give it a hug—and velvet green has always been fabulous, Pantone-approved or not.

2. As a teenager, I used to have a big drawer under my bed. I loved that drawer. Mom said clean your room, and I just pulled that puppy open and shoved stuff in. Done. I could go rat my hair, or whatever it was I did back then. What could be better than a gigantic junk drawer? That’s why I like the new Avery Bed with storage drawer for kids. The company is currently at work on an option for adults, too. Sign me up!

3. On the store’s second floor, I noticed what I consider to be an improvement on the steel-based Encore convertible sofa—the Eden, which has a similar look, only with tapered walnut legs. Both are a reasonable $999, but personally, I find the walnut leg more elegant. For those who dwell in small spaces and frequently host out-of-town guests, this is a great buy.