Toilet paper covers designed by Jonathan Adler
Respect the Roll

It amuses me to see how people (and resourceful catalog stylists) handle extra toilet paper storage in their bathrooms. I just keep it in a closet, but I’ve seen rolls piled in massive wicker baskets, housed in Alessi-level stainless steel cages, stacked in geometric formations like Jenga tiles, and even hanging on dowels as a water closet wall installation. Obviously a lot of folks have issues with their tissues. So it made perfect sense when I heard about Jonathan Adler’s collaboration with Cottonelle to design the brand’s spring line of designer toilet paper roll covers. These three cheeky limited-edition designs rolled out December 30 and will be available only until the end of April. Don’t run over to Adler’s Wabash Avenue atelier; sniff them out here, where they are available free with a TP promo code or for $2 each (plus shipping). With a bold backup plan like this, I may have to clear out some New Yorkers and Atlantic Monthlys (okay, okay––Peoples and Entertainment Weeklys) to make room for a couple of John-athan’s can cans.

Various items on display at Elements

Earth, Wind, and Fire Sale

Set your alarm clocks to “early” and your phasers to “stunning” this Sunday, January 8, for the 25th annual Elements clearance event, 10–5 p.m. (Really, Lincoln–a Star Trek reference, it’s come to that? Ouch.) This is major, guys, as the glam River North boutique is knocking prices down 30 to 60 percent on selected home items, accessories, and jewelry. Be there or B².

A box of chocolates from Rich Chocolates & Candies

Block Party in Your Mouth

Which of these is not a flavor in Chicago’s Rich Chocolates & Candies Windy City Collection of handmade truffles inspired by local neighborhoods: Greektown (dark chocolate with Greek yogurt and honey), Bronzeville (dark and milk chocolate with Koval whiskey, rolled in dark chocolate), Fulton Market (a smoky salted caramel covered with white chocolate shavings), or Lake Forest (a one-percent milk chocolate pearl dusted with wasp pollen and madras curry)? If you’re as fortunate as I am to have a friend as thoughtful as my stylish girl Michelle, who recently brought a box of these city sweets over as a host gift, you’d know right away that the correct answer is Lake Forest. Michelle picked them up at Pamela Hewett’s Bucktown home-design shop Stitch, which was carrying the eminently giftable sweets only for the holidays, but you can find them at the Marion Street Cheese Market or online. Aside from the obvious connotations, by the way, the name Rich is also in memory of owner Lauren Pett’s dad, who taught her “to always leave room for dessert.” Ain’t that sweet?

Postwar Japanese photography


The Art Institute of Chicago’s weekly free day is a thing of the past, but from now until February 10 the museum is offering complimentary admission on weekdays to all Illinois residents. Design fans will want to take advantage of this deal to check out the scholarly Bertrand Goldberg architecture exhibition, the powerful show of postwar Japanese photography (pictured) published by the short-lived Provoke Magazine, and the crafty collection of American household textiles, Fabric of a New Nation. If you’re being a wuss about the weather and hibernating the next couple of months, the museum starts up free first and second Wednesdays on March 7 till the end of the year (again, for Illinoisans only––sorry Michiganders, Hoosiers, and Oshkoshtrians).

A sectional sofa from Gus* Modern

August Opportunity

The Toronto-based furniture maker Gus* Modern brought back its annual Keep On Giving! sale event at all of its authorized retail outlets (locally that would be Stitch (1723 North Damen) and ID Chicago (3337 North Halsted). Bring in some canned goods (or a cash donation if you’re averse to grocery aisles) for the stores to distribute to food banks (keeping it local, baby), and serve yourself a 15 percent discount on all the company’s crisp-and-clean-lined, mid-century-inspired dining tables, upholstered sofas, lighting, shelving, seating, and accent pieces. This popular Atwood sectional has a suggested retail price of $2,995, and is also available as a chair ($1,095) or sofa ($1,950). The ongoing promotion continues through January.