Photograph: Courtesy of Jean Sweet

When Jason Hall and David Kafer, owners of the hair salon Red 7, saw a storefront open up right next to their Evanston location, they knew they had to have it.

But not to expand their salon.

They decided to open a home décor store. Paramour Bungalow (named for the idea of being a home lover) quietly opened last month at 812 Dempster St. in Evanston and is filled with pieces by artists and vendors that Hall and Kafer have discovered during their travels.

The store has something for every room in your home. For the kitchen there are cutting boards, tea towels, and dishes; for the bathroom there are fancy cleaning products and candles; for the bedroom there are blankets and pillows; and for the dining room there are beautiful serving pieces.

Add in great gifts, books, and greeting cards, and you start to imagine what’s going on there.