It’s only been two years since Arrin Williams opened up Haymaker Shop (5507 N. Clark St.) in Andersonville—and it’s already a must-visit in the hood.

But if you’ve been by there in the last month or so, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been closed. The reason? Williams wanted to take a much-needed short vacation and, more importantly, rehab the store’s interior.

Now the doors are open again—and I got a peek. Not only did Williams freshen up the paint and flooring, he also built all new merchandise tables and shelves to give the space a more put-together appearance. And, to make shopping easier, the front room is now dedicated to smaller merchandise (all those fun gifts and accessories you can’t resist) and the back room is home to the furniture.

As you’ve come to expect at Haymaker, all of the pieces in the back room are made by local artisans. Only now, Williams is also hoping to shine a spotlight on his own blossoming custom-furniture business. That’s why you’ll see lots of different slabs that can be made into desks, benches, coffee tables, or kitchen tables as well as various styles of legs so you can come up with your perfect piece.

Welcome back, Haymaker!