Local metal maestro Randall

Kramer sent pics of a new project he just completed, which he describes as one of his more challenging (“Anytime I quote a job that’s bigger than my van, I get nervous,” he fesses up.) This 90” x 70” mirror with a floating circular pattern was designed by Lee Weitzman for a Lincoln Park home, and weighs more than 150 lbs. It’s mounted, mounted on the wall with a heavy wooden cleat system to stave off seven years of bad luck, and Mike Felix of Illumination Art and Design chipped in to help with the glasswork. Kramer is also adept at figuring out logistical and engineering feats with architectural elements, as we’ve pointed out here and here, so if you stumble on a massive hunk of coolness-in-the-rough while kicking around Kane County or wherever, give him a call—I’m sure he’ll come up with some clever home design applications.

Brimfield Trip and Cottage Tease

Julie Fernstrom’s A’ville shop Brimfield has been open at 5219 N. Clark Street just over a month now, so I stopped by to see how she’s doing. Lots of SOLD tags and foot traffic, I’m happy to report. “It’s been great,” she says. “We’re doing a lot of upholstery with vintage fabrics [plaid seats on metal office chairs are a fun crossbreed, as are the pillow covers she’s fashioned out of burlap grain bags with advertising graphics or cable-knit sweaters], and are going to be expanding the store into the basement.” The former resale storefront is packed with camp accoutrements like these plaid (natch) thermoses and suitcases. Julie’s also opened northerly sister store The Cottage, at 5644 N. Clark St., which has more of a shabby-chic vibe with its painted wood furniture offerings that are literally spilling out to the curb. The sidewalk expansion of Clark Street a few years ago was a pain at the time but prescient—on nice days now you can shop the blocks’ home boutiques without even getting out of your car.

All Together Now

Robert Segal and Alice Rosauer, the design duo behind Unison studios, are opening up their warehouse space this weekend for a big  sale Friday thru Sunday, 11-5 p.m. Segal and Rosauer are bedding experts and pillow pros—the modern, graphic designs are carried locally by Chiasso, Post 27, and Urbanest—but at this rarefied retail opportunity you’ll also be able to pick up table runners, one-off items, napkins, journals, etc., at up to 80% off. The partners lived and worked in Finland for four years before settling in Chicago, often incorporate photography into fabric design, and operate an online site where you can cross the Finnish line with handmade designs like this vase inspired by Mielikki, a mythological forest nymph. I’m not sure how that’s pronounced exactly, but I’m going to go with me likey. Me likey a lot.

Bueller? Bueller?

Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller is for sale, so want to take a day off and drive up to Shermer in my dad’s red Ferrari to check it out? Sloane wants to go too, and we’re thinking of running through the Art Institute real quick after, maybe catch a German pride parade? The 1953 Speyer-Haid cantilevered home is actually in Highland Park—the fictional town of Shermer in the film was named for director John Hughes’ Northbrook ‘hood. It’s perched over the ravine on a three-quarter-acre lot, and the home alone will set you back a some kind of wonderful $2.3 million.

Avian Auction Encore

What is is about birdhouses that chirps charity? Last week was the Pritzker School to-do and next Wednesday, June 17, is the Chicago House “Home Tweet Home” benefit at Galleria Marchetti  (a very fun event space with lots of outdoor areas). Seventy-five bucks ($60 in advance)  gets you cocktails and snacks from 6-9 p.m., and a chance to buy birdhouses (and bird-themed art) from architects, designers, and artists.

Garden Varieties

Oodles of organizers have been praying for fair weather lately, judging from all the home garden tours that are on the roster for this weekend. Get your Geneva on at “The Geneva Experience;” meander through 50-plus properties in McHenry and Lake Counties during the self-guided McLake Pond Tour/Garden Walk; see what North Center’s been nurturing and support a local food pantry on the St. Ben’s Neighborhood Garden Walk; or embrace the inspiring insanity of the Old Town Art Fair garden walk, which corresponds with the 60th anniversary of the wildly popular art fair (shown here).