Photo: Courtesy Icon Modern

This Icon Modern coffee table, with steel legs supporting a locally-sourced 2-inch slab, is treated with a zero-VOC water-based finish.

You may not have heard of Chicago furniture designer Rocky Levy or his company, Icon Modern, but chances are you’ve seen one of his pieces in a Starbucks or Whole Foods around town.

For the past seven years, Levy and his team have been creating furniture that fully embraces the concept of creating something beautiful and unique from found materials. He uses reclaimed wood from trees and buildings around Chicago, and he also finds ways to incorporate scrap metal (think: hoods of old cars as table tops) and makes mosaics out of discarded stone from granite yards.

While Icon Modern started out making furniture for restaurants, hotels, and other corporate clients, it has now transitioned to residential work as well. One of the most popular pieces: the slab table with a live edge (meaning the cut goes all the way to the bark of the tree instead of being squared off). Another fun piece: his natural twig side table, which resembles a clump of twigs with a flat top. Lovely.

Icon Modern is reachable by phone at 312-469-0788 and online or via Facebook.