Photo: Courtesy of Pollard Brothers

Mike D's in the house, with an industrial desk built by a classic Chicago company.

If you’re interested in design—and the Beastie Boys—then you may have checked out the story in the New York Times about the Brooklyn townhouse Michael Diamond shares with his wife, filmmaker Tamra Davis, and their two young boys.

Not surprisingly, Diamond has great style—and some serious designers past and present (from Jean Prouvé to Patricia Urquiola) are represented in his pad. 

But I was surprised to also see an under-the-radar Chicago manufacturer called out at as a company Diamond loves. Pollard Brothers steel manufacturing custom-made steel desks for Diamond and his sons (one of desks appears here). The company has been open in Chicago since 1921, and makes such workaday things as industrial benches and shop desks.

And, uh, furniture for Mike D's kids!

Sorta gives a whole new meaning to rhymin' and stealin.' Like, steel-in. Get it?

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.