Photograph Courtesy of Tai Ping Carpets

There are rugs that are utilitarian and practical, and then there are rugs that look like they belong in a museum. The ones from Tai Ping Carpets lie firmly in the second category.

If you haven’t checked out these woven works of art, swing by Suite 635 at the Merchandise Mart—the latest collection alone is worth a visit. Called Chinoiseries, it’s a collaboration between Tai Ping and the Belgian-born designer Ramy Fischler. Inspired by 18th-century Chinoiserie motifs, the collection is made up of ten indoor and outdoor carpets and rugs that all have a natural vibe (reminiscent of waves, rocks or clouds) and organic shapes, with sections that seem to overlap each other. The retail price range is between $90-$140 per square foot.

Imagining one of these in your home is the easy part. Imagining actually walking on one? That’s a little tougher.