Photo: Courtesy Craighton Berman

Local designer Craighton Berman is best known for his industrial Coil Lamp, which is basically a long extension cord wrapped around a lazer-cut acrylic frame. He is also known for his ceramic salt and pepper shaker, called Pinch ($39), shown here.

Simple and elegant in every way (a small vessel holds the salt, and its cover—an orb—houses the pepper; the design asks that you actually handle your pinch of salt), it was a hit from day one on his website. It's been sold out for a year—and, this fall, it's coming back.

So what's the story? Berman is launching a new kitchen line called Manual this fall. Like Pinch, all items are designed to be the opposite of automatic and encourage you to interact with food. His pour-over coffee maker, for example, is old-fashioned in concept but sleek enough to leave out on even the most minimalist counter.

To kick off his new collection, Berman is bringing 1,000 more salt and pepper shakers back to his web store. Check back on his website over the next few weeks to grab one before they’re gone again.