On Saturday, the doors open to a new exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago called “3 in 1: Contemporary Explorations in Architecture and Design.” It’s actually, as the name suggests, three mini-exhibits in one that explore fashion, architecture, and product design through the work of three famous practitioners: Issey Miyake, Greg Lynn, and Scholten & Baijings.

See fashion designer Issey Miyake’s IN-EI line of lamps for Artemide (for which he used origami-folding techniques to create two-dimensional geometric patterns that, when unfolded, become voluminous forms; shown above) and artist Greg Lynn's  “Stranded Sears Tower,” for which, in 1992, he took a model of the Willis Tower, separated it into nine structural tubs, and then dissected and reoriented them to show an entirely different perspective on this famous, later renamed building (you will be very surprised with what he came up with). Meanwhile, Scholten & Baijings' pieces—tableware, textiles, and furniture produced over a 13-yeard period—are all about color. 

You have until January 5 to check it all out.