Jann Parr

Who doesn’t like to eavesdrop on shoptalk? Whether it’s doctors, pastry chefs, or design professionals talking about their work (and what really bugs them), it’s fun to be a fly on the wall when they get going. I got the chance recently at the North Side home of Martin Horner, of Soucie Horner, one of the city’s top interior design and architecture firms, as a guest at one of Martin and Shea Soucie’s quarterly “salon dinners” for the design industry.

Guests-academics, architects, designers, and business professionals-are assigned topics, such as promoting Chicago as a design center, but the conversation veered in many directions. Subjects included China’s emergence as a player in the production of design goods, custom furniture sources, and the emergence of   “buyer’s representatives” who act as proxies for buyers in negotiations associated with building a new home.

This was the second time in recent months that I’d been privy to Chicago designers talking shop. The first occasion was a Chicago HOME–sponsored town-hall discussion/cocktail party at the Chopping Block Cooking School in the Merchandise Mart, where the subject was kitchen trends. Claudia Skylar of Mastro & Skylar Architects raved about her new favorite counter material, an engineered quartz called CaesarStone. Designer Constantine D. Vasilios talked about how he likes to hang glass-backed cabinets in front of windows, offering a view beyond the dishes. Designer Frank Ponterio pays particular attention to the insides of cabinets, often lining the interior surfaces with fabric. It was lively and informative-we look forward to our next one in September, during which our invited guests from the design and building industries will debate the death of the dining room, among other topics.

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Jan Parr, Editor