Bleeker Street Antiques

Items from Bleeker Street Antiques
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Vintage American glass apothecary bottles; 1960s green glass Japanese fishing floats in a clamshell; studded nickel and silver Tibetan bracelets; deer antlers in a stone bowl; antique bottles and a circa-1920 Chinese Hubei vase; a 19th-century French armoire

Interior designers often tell us how much a personal collection can warm up a space. But let’s face it, not all of us have them, and when we do, they’re often not exactly display-worthy. Enter Denise Odell, who has been collecting beautiful objects for years. Apothecary bottles, deer antlers, ironstone platters and pitchers, globes, landscape and paint-by-number paintings—these are just some of the groupings she has ready to go at Bleeker Street Antiques. And unlike some collectors, she’s willing to part with them. Your friends will be so impressed! (Don’t worry—we won’t tell.)

847 W. GRAND AVE., 312-243-7071


Photography: (Bleeker) Matthew Gilson