Vintage decor by Architectural Anarchy

A gigantic composite hand that once advertised Schlitz beer (left); a collection of vintage sign letters (far left); vintage paintings (below); a 1930s schoolhouse wall clock (below right)

It’s nice to spread the wealth. That’s why we love the fact that antiques dealers Gosia Korsakowski and William Rawski—who until recently operated their business, Architectural Anarchy, exclusively out of booths at Andersonville Galleria, Anna’s Mostly Mahogany in Highwood, and Heritage Trail in Wilmette—opened their first freestanding store in off-the-beaten-path Pilsen. “We want to draw customers from everywhere,” says Korsakowski, who met Rawski, owner of Zap Props, two years ago at an antiques fair in St. Charles. They’ve been plotting this venture ever since. Their 7,400-square-foot warehouse space offers a mix of architectural salvage and vintage pieces, plus regular exhibitions by local artists. 2229 S. Halsted St., 312-226-4125


Photography: Tate Gunnerson