A. If your tile is granite, marble, or other stone that has been honed or polished to a high gleam, you can make it less shiny by acid-washing it. The tile experts we talked to say this is not a do-it-yourself job, so you’d have to hire a pro.

If your tile is ceramic with a shiny glaze, applying a coating or sealer to the tile can make it a little less slippery, but alas, not less shiny. You can do this yourself. Tom Engoren, president of Seaway Supply Company (123 N. 10th Ave., Melrose Park, 708-216-0000; seawaysupplies.com) recommends Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator. "It is a phenomenal product," he says, noting that its main purpose is to make a floor easier to clean and to prevent staining. "But it also increases the static coefficient of friction," meaning it makes the floor less slippery. And it doesn’t change the appearance of the tile. It works on marble, granite, and other stone, as well as on ceramic tile. You’ll want to apply it about once a year. You can buy Miracle Sealants products at Seaway, at tile and stone suppliers, or online at miraclesealants.com.