Along with the photos, what makes Conner’s pieces interesting is the way he repurposes his finds. the graffiti coffee table was made with the legs of an x-based dining table; the pedestal on the aon center table was once the base of an office chair.

A cursory glance at the surface of one of photographer/furniture designer Bladon Conner’s clean-lined tables (see the round coffee table above) reveals a striking graphic pattern, but take a closer look—this graphic is actually a zoomed-in photograph of the Aon Center. "There’s a texture and pattern created by the lines on buildings," says the former architect, who has been reviving dumpster-bound and secondhand furniture by laminating his photographs on it for about a year. He recently teamed up with Andrés Imaging & Graphics, a local firm that prints his work directly onto surfaces, allowing him to work in larger formats (see the door above). Other pieces include a 1970s lamp given a face-lift with a shade featuring a photo of graffiti, and various sideboards with building close-ups on their façades. Watch for a new line that includes shots of silhouetted neighborhood skylines. Available at Haus, 5405 N. Clark St., 773-769-4000.


Photography: Anna Knott