peonies from Asrai Garden floral arrangement from Epoch in Chicago
[1] Vibrant red and hot pink peonies, fiddlehead ferns (spring’s most charming edible greens), and blooming jasmine vine have all the elegance of a modern English garden. Asrai Garden, 1935 W. North Ave., 773-782-0680 [2] Keeping the elements few and the palette subtle makes for maximum impact in this contemporary mix of parrot tulips, green dogwood, and foxtail grass in a crisp white bowl. Epoch, 615 N. State St., 312-642-2968
floral arrangement from Larkspur in Chicago floral arrangement from Moss Modern Flowers
[3] A lushly old-fashioned bouquet of red Intuition roses, magenta peonies, and purple mokara orchids feels modern in its clear glass vase. Larkspur, 2123 N. Damen Ave., 773-489-2898 [4] A handmade ceramic vessel by local artist Linda Hillman holds an earthy arrangement of lady’s slipper orchids, moss lichen, and moss-covered buckeye branches. Moss Modern Flowers, 7442 Madison St., Forest Park, 708-366-8780
floral arrangement from Alice's Garden floral arrangement from Blumen
[5]  A basket weave of fronds in a tall glass vase gives this bouquet of spray roses, lilies, French tulips, orchids, and antique hydrangeas a tropical punch. Alice’s Garden, 3524 N. Halsted St., 773-327-0200 [6] Tiger tail orchids, concador lilies, antique green hydrangeas, and echeveria happily coexist in this union of the exotic and the everyday. Blumen, 400 N. May St., 312-666-7304


Photography: Tyllie Barbosa