A forest-sustainable-certified wood composite table with formaldehyde-free water-based stain, $425

The West Loop’s Green Home Chicago is the latest addition to the city’s ever-growing environmentally and socially conscious design scene. Combining aspects of two other well-known local green shops, Verde (decorating focused) and Greenmaker (remodeling oriented), South African-born Karen Kalmek’s new 2,650-square-foot shop offers everything from new and vintage furniture and fabrics to cabinetry, countertops, tiles, rugs, and paints-all of whose green-ness and social virtues are assessed by Kalmek’s own classification system. She provides the facts (Was it built locally? Does it have low VOCs? Was it made by an artisan in a developing country?) and allows customers to decide what they want their dollars to support. 213 N. Morgan St., 312-432-9400; ghcdesigncenter.com