Smallbone of Devizes

218 W. Kinzie St., 800-763-0096


648 N. Franklin
St., 312-608-1110


225 W. Illinois St., 312-379-7900

The Motherland

United Kingdom Brazil Italy

The Space

3,200 square feet 5,000 square feet 1,800 square feet

The Get

Kitchen and bath cabinets in a variety of styles and finishes; four styles of bedroom furniture; built-in shelving; storage systems. Kitchen and bath cabinets;living, dining, and bedroom furniture;
storage systems,including wall units and closets,in a variety of finishes
Upholstered furniture, tables, chairs, shelving

The Look

Traditional and transitional.
Impressive kitchen selection,
with English country-style, Asian
-inspired, classic, and some sleekerlooks to choose from
Modern and minimalist-think
South American Poliform.
Contemporary with a plush, comfy vibe

The Damage

Expensive. This company bills itself
as ultra-luxurious and its services as
"Thirty to forty percent less expensive than our European competitors," says owner John Fuentes. Up-there prices-this is one of the most expensive furniture lines in Italy. Sofas can cost more than $30,000.

The Deets

Third location in the U.S., after Manhattan and Greenwich,
Connecticut, and first tenant at the newly conceived Kinzie Design Center, comprised of four contiguous buildings (one of which is occupied by high-end furniture dealer Haute Living) directly across the street from the Merchandise Mart; future tenants remain to be seen.
Third location in the U.S., after Miami and Manhattan. Biggest  manufacturer of contemporary furniture in South America. Products are certified green and prices are kept relatively low because of the lower cost of materials in Brazil and the more favorable exchange rate (compared with the Euro). Second location in the U.S., after Miami. Represented exclusively by Poliform in the U.S. for five years