Roost (top left), George Lowell (bottom left). At Room Service, finds include this sleek mid-century chair (right).

1 BAAN  Find picture frames, decorative boxes, lamps, pillows, and some shelving and accent tables imported from Thailand, most with a distinct Asian flair. Don’t miss the great selection of reasonably priced glassware. 5053 N. Clark St., 773-905-1228;

2 MARGUERITE GARDENS Come here for flowers, leave with containers, garden ornaments, candles, birdcages, and unusual ironwork brought home from Europe by owner Marguerite Gluck, whose landscaping firm shares its name with the store. 5059 N. Clark St., 773-506-6295;

3 FOUR-SIDED This framing/gift shop features the retro-feeling collages and shadow boxes of owner Todd Mack and some other local artists, along with vintage maps and educational charts, cards, wrapping paper, and more. 5061 N. Clark St., 773-506-8300;

4 GEORGE LOWELL Interior designer George Lowell’s chic shop offers modern furniture and accessories with a touch of glam, with some antiques and great artwork mixed in. 5123 N. Clark St., 773-754-8106;
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5 SWEDISH AMERICAN MUSEUM CENTER STORE While not the first place you might think to buy furniture, this shop carries a few fabulous Gustavian pieces thanks to an arrangement with Swedish-antiques dealer Annika Christensen of Libertyville-based Midnight Sun. 5211 N. Clark St., 773-728-8111;

6 BRIMFIELD This new shop was inspired by owner/upholsterer Julie Fernstrom’s love affair with vintage Scottish blankets. She’s toutin’ tartan—you’ll see it on everything from pillows to wing chairs. 5219 N. Clark St., 312-593-6415

7 SCOUT With its warm, cottagey aesthetic, Larry Vodak’s well-edited antique shop has a loyal following that includes many interior designers. 5221 N. Clark St., 773-275-5700;

8 WHITE ATTIC Owner Terry Ledford took a simple concept—freshening up 19th-century furniture with a clean coat of paint—and expanded on it: He also lightly sands and paints and/or restains mid-20th-century pieces to make them look more modern than ever. 5225 N. Clark St., 773-907-9800;

9 URBANEST This shop offers a nice blend of on-trend Asian-inspired and modern style, with everything from sofas and dining tables to rugs and artwork by local artists—all at good prices. 5228 N. Clark St., 773-271-1000;

10 BROWNSTONE ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES Most local vintage dealers have hit up this mainstay at one time or another to stock up on  merch. Owner Robert Markley harvests estate sales and other secret sources for his often appealing but decidedly unsifted stuff. 5234 N. Clark St., 773-878-9800

11 CASSONA Cassona, a home-goods pioneer on the strip, is still a smart stop for reasonably priced, low-frills basics, including sofas, rugs, and accessories. 5241 N. Clark St., 773-506-7882;

12 ANDERSONVILLE GALLERIA Figaro (a French antiques dealer), All About Color (an interior design service), and B. Dubov Mid-Century Design are just a few of the 50-some vendors at this local-talent-focused mart, which also features jewelry, fashion, and other offerings. 5247 N. Clark St., 773-878-8570;

13 HAUS  This low-key gallery carries glass and ceramics, along with some furniture, including unique pieces by local designer Bladon Conner. 5405 N. Clark St., 773-769-4000;

14 ROOM SERVICE Cleaned-up mid-20th-century furniture makes up this shop’s core selection, though there are some new accessories (pillows, glassware, candles). Hints of luxury—such as new cowhide upholstery—give the ’50s stuff a sophisticated edge. 5438 N. Clark St., 773-878-5438;
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15 ROOST If you love the decor of M. Henry (a popular neighborhood brunch spot with a French country ambience), you’ll like Roost, which is owned by that restaurant’s manager. Find distressed-painted-wood cabinets, farm tables, wire baskets, and old wooden crates, along with industrial items and newly upholstered pieces and modern furniture. 5634 N. Clark St., 773-506-0406
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16 HOME ACCENTS Want to jump on the shaded-chandelier trend, but can’t afford the more expensive designs out there? This shop specializes in spotting what’s hot in the market and offering it for less. 5653 N. Clark St., 773-989-6883

17 GETHSEMANE GARDEN CENTER This hub for green thumbs offers flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, and gardening products and tools, as well as landscape design services. 5739 N. Clark St., 773-878-5915;


Photography: Tate Gunnerson