Seth Deysach likes a challenge.

Fifteen years ago, he taught himself how to design and make furniture, then founded Lagomorph Design. Now he has a staff of 12 helping him fulfill clients' commissions, as well as build pieces for his own furniture line, MDRN. They work at Dock 6 Collective, a huge fabricating shop at 4200 W. Diversey, where six other local furniture makers run their businesses. (They throw great parties, too!)

Deysach generally makes things like tables, chairs, credenzas, and entire kitchens, for interior designers, architects, and private clients. But every so often, he makes something bold and fabulous just for fun. Four years ago, he built a cool black-walnut bike that wowed designphiles and cyclists alike.

His latest project is this sweet walnut-based air hockey table. The surface is made of a Corian-like surface called Avonite, which Deysach inlayed with solid bronze. The orange lacquered MDF channel around the periphery hides remote-control-operated LED lighting.

"As I did with my bike, I wanted to build a familiar object in my style," he says. "Walnut is my favorite wood, so I decided to explore taking one of my stock table bases and adapting it for this air hockey table—and it worked out great!"

Is he a hockey fan? "Personally I'm not, but a lot of my guys are, so it was a great project for the whole shop," he says.

This table shown is 56 by 96 by 32 inches and costs a hefty $12,000. But it can be made in any size. Come on, Hawks fans—you need something to do when the playoffs end.