Running rigging, book, anchor chain, hardware, and navigational chart

Anything that can stand up to the rigors of the life aquatic is perfect for a yard, porch, or steamy bathroom. Find these accessories at an unexpected decorating source: West Marine, 627 W. North Ave., 312-654-1818,

Trim a pillow or make knotted napkin rings with Samson high-tech running rigging, quarter-inch gray AmSteel 12-strand polyethylene rope, $1.29 per foot.

Sleek: Classic Images from the Rosenfeld Collection book, by John Rousmaniere, $53

A four-foot length of Acco vinyl-coated anchor chain would look great curled up on a stack of books, $30.

Nifty hardware can be used on cabinet doors and drawers, as towel hooks, and as curtain tiebacks. Chrome-plated brass clamp latch, $45; ring pull handle, $37, and six-inch stainless steel open cleat, $13.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration navigational chart of Lake Michigan, $20.75