Bertrand Goldberg's Marina City

Who hasn’t stared up at the iconic corncobs of Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City and wondered who lives there? Photographer Andreas E. G. Larsson, a frequent Chicago Home + Garden contributor, has been long fascinated by the complex, completed in 1962. So when he met Marina City resident Iker Gil—an architect from Spain who heads MAS studio and teaches at the University of Illinois—at a party, something clicked. The pair proceeded to spend two years photographing residents and interiors of the towers, everything from fully rehabbed combined units to a studio apartment in pristine, all-original condition. “There was barely a scratch on the blue bathtub,” Larsson says. The size of some units, the grand views, and the diverse inhabitants—from struggling architecture students to well-heeled professionals—impressed him. “Can you imagine what you’d pay for that kind of square footage [next door] at Trump Tower?” he asks. Now Gil and Larsson need just one more collaborator to bring their work to the coffee tables of America: a publisher.


Photography: Andreas E.G. Larsson