Los Angeles–based L.A. Design Concepts is offering non-professionals an all-access pass to hundreds of to-the-trade-only furniture showrooms, and according to company president Frank Keshishian, Chicagoans are some of his biggest clients. It works one of two ways: Log onto ladesignconcepts.com, which offers links to some 300 manufacturers’ Web sites; choose what you like, and contact a rep at L.A. Design Concepts to order it for you. Or contact the company prior to hitting the Merchandise Mart to request a "letter of introduction," which will be your ticket into the showrooms of your choice; the idea is that since L.A.D.C. will take care of all the purchasing, no showroom salesperson should shy away from working with you, the inexperienced DIY-er. You will pay 20 percent above cost versus the 33 to 40 percent above cost you would pay if you were working with a designer. The drawback: If you buy a sofa you hate, you will have only yourself to blame. Call 310-581-3774 or e-mail requests through the L.A. Design Concepts Web site at info@ladesignconcepts.com.