"Quilts usually have fussy borders and prissy compositions. We’re trying to shatter that notion with abstract and graphic designs," says Bill Kerr. Consider it shattered. Kerr and his wife, Weeks Ringle, create thoroughly modern quilts for their company, FunQuilts (http://www.funquilts.com/; 708-445-1817), in an Oak Park studio, cutting fabric by hand and stitching it with a hand-guided quilting machine. Their vivid custom quilts have been featured at the American Folk Art Museum in New York; their book of patterns, The Modern Quilt Workshop, is due out in June. The two also teach classes and run a summer design camp (this year, June 19-25).

Photograph: Tyllie Barbosa
Styling: Kelly Mckaig
The washable cotton pieces shown here are some of the 40 designs in FunQuilt’s portfolio. Patterns can be adapted, or you can work with the designers to create your own. Prices start at around $1,000.