Photograph: Matthew Gilson
glass jar rack

Argentine Candy Rack
$3,800, at Architectural Artifacts
4325 N. Ravenswood Ave.

Store Food Staples
"We’ve sold them to famous chefs [for use in their homes]. They put pasta, rice, dried beans, nuts, and that sort of thing in them."
-Stuart Grannen, owner, Architectural Artifacts

"Remove the legs and mount the unit onto the wall. Place colored rocks and crystals in various jars to add interest. The final touch: incorporate overhead lighting to highlight the piece."
-Afiya Adams, AHA Designs, 312-225-9294;

Mobile Ecosystem
"Entangle elements of nature into the piece. In a random pattern place such items as coral, colored water, tropical fish, sand, and exotic plants into the containers. The end result will be a visually stunning conversation piece."
-Thomas Riker of JamesThomas, 312-738-7300;

Spa on Wheels
"Fill the top row with cotton balls, Q-tips, and spare toothbrushes, and plant ivy or moss in the last jar. In the next row, start with ivy or moss and fill the rest with bath salts. Fill the third row with white washcloths and the last row with planted ivy or moss. On a tray underneath, stack white terrycloth towels on one side and arrange white candles of varying heights and widths on the other."
-Kathy Taslitz, Kathy Taslitz Interiors, 847-412-6299

Light Fixture
"Using weather-resistant paint, spray the frame and jar lids the same color, but use flat paint for one and high gloss for the other. Mount one battery-powered light-emitting diode in each jar and line the jars with thin, textured paper to hide the bulbs. It would look like an expensive, vintage Italian piece from the late 1950s or early 1960s."
-Erin Shakoor, Shakoor Interiors, 708-679-1109;