Produced by Arden Nelson

hard drive storage
porcelain bowls by matthias gumm
Storing data has never been this much fun: LaCie’s stackable, Lego-like Brick desktop hard drives, $229.99, at Matthias Gumm’s Hombroich series of microwavable and dishwasher-safe porcelain bowls by Blohmgumm, $15 to $159, at Luminaire, 301 W. Superior St.
metal frame chairs supple resin sheets
With their metal frames covered in fabric or leather, Patricia Urquiola’s Glove lounge and dining chairs for Molteni & C are pure, sinuous sculpture, $990 to $2,030, at Orange Skin, 223 W. Erie St. Sold flat and awaiting your touch, Supple Resin Sheets with embedded wire netting are marvelously malleable; bend a square piece into a fruit bowl, bread basket, or whatever you like. They come in nine colors, two sizes, $39 and $52, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Store, 220 E. Chicago Ave.