Everywhere we look these days, there’s something pleasant under glass. Keep cupcakes fresh with a large Barreveld glass cloche and a Mosser Glass cake plate. Cloche, $65, and plate, $85, at P.O.S.H., 613 N. State St. An antique wood spool becomes a cheese server when topped with a small cloche, $49, at Le Magasin, 408 N. Clark St. An orchid and a bowl crafted from the root burl of a fir tree take up temporary residence under a Museum Glass Dome by Roost. Dome and base, $195, and bowl, $50, at I.D., 3337 N. Halsted St.

glass pastry covers
Produced by: Arden Nelson
Photograph: Tyllie Barbosa
Cupcakes: Southport Grocery
Honed Limestone: Belstone