Shiir rug by Soucie Horner and Oscar Isberian

Two of Chicago’s top names in design—Soucie Horner and Oscar Isberian—have joined forces on a new line of rugs, and the results are purely luxurious. Two years ago, designers Martin Horner and Shea Soucie traveled to India with Isberian to see how rugs are made there. They came back with a wealth of ideas, and the Shiir collection ( was born. The deeply textured rugs, handwoven to order in India and Nepal of blends of cashmere, wool, mohair, silk, and linen, go well beyond the usual geometrics and florals—one Shiir design was inspired by peeling paint. Also unique: deep silk shags and combinations of flat weaves and piles. Rugs run $90 to $190 per square foot (and have lead-times of four to six months). See them at Oscar Isberian, 120 W. Kinzie St.


Photograph: Heather DeCamp