Green Means Go For It
by William Brashler

The hard-guy, big-money, behind-the-scenes story of building the 1984 Cubs

Hail, Britannica! Britannica Waives the Rules
by Dan Rottenberg
The world’s foremost encyclopedia teetered on the brink of bankruptcy until it moved to the shores of Lake Michigan, where it was nurtured by the scholarship and salesmanship that only Chicago could provide.

by Brenda Shapiro
Four coats as dramatically different as the actors inhabiting them

Harold Washington’s Balancing Act
by Brian Kelly
Can the Mayor keep his foes at bay while broadening his base of support? Can he learn to exercise his more power more effectively? These will be the ultimate tests of his success or failure.

Executive Recruiter Allan Cox
by Jack Star
How to maneuver as a job candidate; how to negotiate the deal; how to thrive in the corporation by challenging it



by Henry Hanson
Gadding about in a Yuppiemobile that talks back; a siloful of advice for those who see gloom and doom for farmers; should artist Christo wrap the 29?

On the Aisle: Elusive Paradise
by Claudia Cassidy
A risky place, so easily lost

Audio: Where are the Speakers?
by Rich Warren

The great sound from the Bose AW-1 fills any room, and the speakers are – surprise – internal.

City: Church-State Think Tank
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Can legal research define the murky boundary between the realms of religious groups and government?
Movies: Second-Chance Cinema
by Dave Kehr
Elaine May’s fine, not-so-famous film finally gets what it deserves.
Theatre: Be an Angel
by Lenny Kleinfeld
A quick guide to the special rewards – and the special risks – of buying into a play or musical

Chicago as it Was: West Side Story
by Perry R. Duis
Scandals run through the history of Cook County Hospital. So do triumphs.
Travel: Coastal Cruising on the Newport Clipper
by Jack Star
Afloat and ashore at small harbors of New England

M.W. Newman: A Walker’s Town
A true Chicagoan knows the pleasures of the pavement.

Books: Last Laughs at Disney World
Stanley Elkin’s dream holiday for soon-to-die little people

Chicagoans: What She Does for Love and Little Money
by Joanne Trestrail
For artist Lynn Takata, the design is the hardest; the doing is artful diplomacy.

Wine: Vintage Reading
by Patrick W. Fegan
To help you become more knowledgeable about wine, here’s a guide to several of the better wine books on the market.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
There’s always a spot in this universe for the great idea: a skylight you can actually clean, a big briefcase with a little briefcase inside, a cheesecake so sublime Mother couldn’t have made it.

Dining on a Budget: A Bit of Gaul
by Jill and Ron Rohde
You don’t have to be French to cook ethnic food with panache.

Dining on the Town: Marvels of the New Maxim’s
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Despite a difficult birth, George Badonsky’s new baby is a pride and joy.

The Best of Chicago: A Most Curious Place
by Michael Kiefer
The Museum of Science and Industry is more than a coal mine and a U-505 submarine. Just ask Jessica.

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