Waking Up to the Lake
by Arsenio Oloroso, Jr.

With floodwaters forcing evacuations and threatening a major traffic artery, the time has finally come for action.

Fashion: Body Language
Style follows form – show-off dressing for spring lets the world know what you’re made of.

Jungle After Hours
by Zay N. Smith
Tales of the Lincoln Park Zoo at night – when dogs become dog food and you never know what humans will try next

The Battle for Inter-American
by Jerry Sullivan
The crisis were continual when this unorthodox public school was founded. Now, thanks to persistent, politically minded parents, it’s a sure success.



by David Jackson
Black reporters take heat; Fast Eddie campaigns; the Trib overdoes it.

by Henry Hanson
Unguarded moments in political video; a fashion mogul collects unlimited art; raising the roof with the Diva Extraordinaire of house music

Books: Teen Angel

Bob Greene takes the Way Back Machine to high school – what’s missing here is weirdness, tragedy, depravity, the unaverage.

Theatre: Write it Off to the Imagination
by Tom Valeo
The plays of Maria Fornes just might free Chicago theatre from the hammerlock of naturalism.
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Under “useful, but not the usual,” a kitchen tree for lofts; a camp for thinkers; glitzy lingerie; antique pool tables
Travel: Following History’s Trail
by Gale Kappe
Blue herons, badgers, and Rust Belt towns nestle on the banks of the Illinois and Michigan Canal.

Execs: Fonzie Gets Rich
by Dan Kening
He used to hate money and power. Now Patrick Finley Girondi has the money, but he still hates the power.

Dining on the Town: The Miracle Meal
by Carla and Allen Kelson
A few of our favorite things  – dishes that stand out from the many we taste-test each year

Last Call: Running Social
by Laura Green
Getting lean – and getting the lowdown – on the lakefront’s cinder paths

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