Welcome to the Weekend
From the Straits of Mackinac to Marengo Cave, from Michigan Avenue to the mighty Mississippi River, here are 18 enticing destinations to enliven spring and summer weekends.

Crimes of Paschen
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
For years, Maria Tallchief and Buzz Paschen – prima ballerina and contracting heir – lived a privileged existence; then he admitted to tax evasion.

Has This Man Figured Out How to Win the War on Cancer?
by Steve Fiffer
UIC’s Dr. Samuel Epstein says cancerous dangers lurk in the environment, the workplace, and the home. He argues that prevention, not treatment, is our best weapon.

Diamonds in the Rough
by Andrew Santella
Sixteen-inch softball, Chicago’s homegrown game, is slowly fading. The Bridgeport Crush are a reminder of the game’s mid-century glory days.

At Home: Makeovers
by Christine Newman
From wrack to renewal in factories, two-flats, and storefronts: Some buildings are better the second time around.




A chat with Jane Byrne; a bio of Redd Foxx; a peek at Tim Floyd’s laptop; more

Style Sheet
by Stacy Wallace-Albert
Going for bust, digging it, fringe-benefit kiddie clip joint

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
The New brothers – playing leading men and louts – take the stage.

Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Luc was born only after one cousin offered to carry a child for another.

by Philip Berger
Not all of the city’s new residential developments are a nostalgia trip; some are boldly fast forward.

First Person
by Steve Fiffer
The doctors said he would be paralyzed for life. Dick Woit ordered him to walk.

Dining Out
by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Two restaurants are swimming in an ocean of Indian elegance.

Sullivan’s Travels
by Terry Sullivan
Happiness is a bunch of scrap for Cicero junkyard maven Marsha Serlin.