On the Streets with the Tac Team
by Jack Star

The stakeouts are many, the shootouts few. But cops in the tactical unit have a well-honed sense of survival.

Radical Sleek
by Judith Neisser
Making waves in the world of furniture design, five Chicagoans both shock and delight.

In Good Form
by Brenda Shapiro
In the eighties, houses are again a fertile field for the architectural imagination. Three fine examples of this renascence

Chicago’s Invisible Economy
by Dan Rottenberg
The Schnadig Corporation, one of the 1,800 anonymous but profitable middle-size companies that keep us fiscally fit

City Block, 1938
a memoir by Pat Somers Cronin
It’s summer in South Shore; the skating is easy, and Joe Louis is the champ.

New Words, 1941
by David Standish
It’s the dawning of the age of plastics, suburbs, and synthetic fruit.

Chicago Guide/ChicagoFest
Twelve days of music, food, and fun

Chicago Guide to Continuing Education
by Florence Levinsohn
To keep up with a changing economy (and to expand their minds), adults keep going back to school.



by Henry Hanson
Pinball machines Flip! Flash! At the Cultural Center; E.T. flies homeward with his chrysanthemums; Upfront goes to Paris to cover, by foot and balloon, Chicago’s world’s fair bid.

William Brashler: Virtues of a Sarcastic Virtuoso
Who can forget Oscar Levant’s demented lessons for living?

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
For rent: a house on Prairie Avenue, a sofa with pillows, a cellist, a juggler who can manage babies and mix drinks
Books: The Game of Chance

Two books that tell what has happened to China’s happy, smiling peasants – and why more is still to come

Movies: One Tough Cookie
by Dave Kehr
John Huston’s Annie is a commanding curlytop with a shrewd sense of show biz.
Chicago As it Was: Fires! Sinkings! Assassinations!
by Perry R. Duis and Glen E. Holt
When the Titanic went down, Chicago publishers were the first with books, photos, even song sheets.
On the Aisle: Enclave or Disaster Area?

by Claudia Cassidy
The splendors and vicissitudes of one short street

Travel: On the Byways of Connemara
by Nancy Joyce
Ireland’s northwest has many charms – wonderful shops, great fishing, the best Irish brown bread.

City: Greenhorn Memories
by A. A. Dornfeld
Recollections of a hit-and-run introduction to the world of journalism

Audio: The New and the Naughty
by Rich Warren
Video games and X-rated cassettes were only part of the circus at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Dining on a Budget: The Pleasures of Pljeskavica
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Sometimes it’s fun to forgo the salads – even in summer.

The Best of Chicago: Raggedy Andy’s
by John McDonough
Cool off after work with some hot jazz on the near Near North.

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