The Pit and the Pandemonium
by William Brashler

Playing to win with the high-stakes hustlers at the Chicago Board of Trade

A Frame of Mind…
by Brenda Shapiro
Two very different city spaces are the results of nearly identical goals: Both owners wanted a radical transformation without a change of address.

And its Contents
by Judith Neisser
What’s new in the world of furniture breaks all the rules of modern; it can be colorful, crazy, a mix of styles, a piece of art…and more.

Posting the Minutes
Fiction by Penelope Mesic
A house, town, river valley that seem safe now only because they are safely past

Now You See It, Now You Don’t
by Mary O’Connell
When money for child support disappears, single mothers are left with an emotional question that won’t go away.

A Lifetime Learning
by Laurie Levy
A fall sampler – courses for credit, noncredit, and of course just for fun



by Henry Hanson
Out on the town square with the antinuke forces; on the waterfront in Long Beach; recapturing the spirit of the Kennedy years

On the Aisle: Open Sesame!
by Claudia Cassidy
Can theatre, as we cherish it, survive as orphan of the electronic storm?

Movies: Carrying on in Cannes
by Dave Kehr

A riotous report from a voyeur’s paradise

Audio: What’s in a Name?
by Rich Warren
The basics of brands and the mysteries of the manufacturing business
Travel: New York’s New West Side Story
by Robert C. Cooper
Celebrate big-city life on a revitalized Columbus Avenue. Shop; stroll; watch the passing parade.
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
The next-best thing to shopping in Hong Kong is making the rounds of our bargain finds, from Frye boots to sofa beds, to kids’ toys so cheap you can treat the brood next door.

Chicago as it Was: The Perils of Payday
by Perry R. Duis
For a worker at the turn of the century to enjoy the fruits of his labor, he first had to escape the usurer’s clutches.
Books: The Laws of Psychiatry

The inanity plea: notorious cases of use and abuse

Dining on the Town: Djahanguiri’s Dynamic Duo
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Time to take a hard look at two highly successful restaurants  – Toulouse and Yvette.

The Best of Chicago: Suburban Cowboy
by Alan Gross
Great tales from the wild wild Middle West

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