Deciphering Farrakhan
by Clarence Page

What can we now expect form Chicago’s most controversial minister?

The Good War
by Studs Terkel
Excerpts from a new oral history of World War Two: Lessons were learned, but battles linger on.

Getting Back into the Swing of Learning
by Connie Fletcher
Adults are going back to school – for fun, or for a little profit. Why not join in?

On the Draw
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Nicole Hollander gets even – and gets ahead – with Sylvia, the though, wisecracking cartoon character who always has the last word.

Designing for Pleasure
by Brenda Shapiro
Grownups need playhouses, too.

Moving In…
by Judith Neisser
Fifty great design ideas to make a second house into a home

Taking the Plunge…
by Grant Pick and Laura Green
All about second-house real estate in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan: the places, the prices, and the people who live there



by Henry Hanson
Messing about in a boat on Lake Michigan; Upfront searches for his roots under the midnight sun; William Neil brings Nelson Algren to Lyric

On the Aisle: Baffling Hamburg Ballet
by Claudia Cassidy
…and other creators and interpreters we’ve waited for

Video: Breaking the Sound Barrier
by Ted Ito

Why TV will no longer be a sight for sore ears

Travel: Audacious, Glamorous Dallas
by H.R. Whitaker
The presence of money and the absence of planning characterize this commercial hot spot of the Southwest.
Movies: Coming Soon from Cannes
by Dave Kehr
The magicians of galloping modernism present the shock of the new.
Chicago as it Was: Remembrances of Things Past
by Perry R. Duis
Historians call it ephemera; other people call it junk. Whatever the label, souvenirs are the stuff of history.
Books: Bellow’s Touch for Talk

Stories that splurge on self-discovery, passionate discussions, and the folly of hope

City: AIDS – The Haitian Factor
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Scientific evidence does not seem to suggest that this ethnic group is a target of the deadly disease.

Roger Simon: Those Were the Days
Tribal rituals and other goings-on from a strange breed known as Chicagoans

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
The clink of good crystal; a byte of commotion over computer furniture; squeals of glee from mommies-to-be – and all at less than retail!

Dining on a Budget: Viet Num-Num
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Crack out the chopsticks and enjoy the delicate flavors of the Far East.

Dining on the Town: Yankee Doodle Noodles?
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Whether they serve a new American cuisine is debatable, but there’s little doubt that the offerings of Sinclair’s and Printer’s Row are special.

The Best of Chicago: Architectural Triumph
by Cheryl Kent
An unlikely spot to “see” our skyline just a little bit better

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