James R. Thompson
by Henry Hanson

At 49, finishing his third term, the Governor discusses his dreams and disappointments, his family, the arts, antiques, and the Cubs.

Magical Excursions
by Rosemary L. Bray
In the summer, library books transported the Bray children to worlds both far and near

Life in the Fast Lane
by Alan Gross
Big boys, big toys – successful men and their very special automobiles

Victorious Victorian
by Brenda Shapiro
Reviving the crafts from this century’s turn, contemporary artisans bring an old house back to its exuberant prime

Craft & Company
by Judith Neisser
An insider’s list of craftsmen who can re-create the past

fiction by B.H. Friedman
There are Michaels who are Mike, and there are those who are Mickey. This one was always a Mickey.

Paradise Doomed
by Jerry Sullivan
Sandwiched between sludge farms and garbage-laden landfills are the Calumet marshes, home of the greatest concentration of rare birds in Illinois.

Maude Learns All About Music
by David Standish
If Father loves sound, daughter listens to Brahms and the Beatles, Mozart and Bob Marley.



by Henry Hanson
Shakespeare’s epitaph for the fair; an annual mass for communicators at Holy Name; inspiration from Leonard Bernstein’s Songfest on a hot night at Ravinia

On the Aisle: A Time of Change
by Claudia Cassidy
The wealth of touring opera, theatre, dance is priced out of existence.

Movies: All the World’s a Film
by Dave Kehr

And it’s crucial to show your movie at Cannes, the industry’s playground of power.

Theatre: Organic Chemistry
by Lenny Kleinfeld
An affecting tribute to Stuart Gordon, master of special effects
Audio: Standouts and Scene-Stealers
by Rich Warren
Startling technology at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show – from tiny CD players to a superb eight-millimeter video recording system

Travel: North From Malaga
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Wandering through mesmerizing Andalucia to Seville, the home of Carmen, Don Juan, and Cervantes
Art: Spectator Sport
by Henry Hanson
Swam ‘em with your friends – baseball cards by local artists show you the White Sox as you’ve never seen them before.

Books: Difficult Dreams
In Lore Segal’s new novel, everyone is an outsider in the land of supposedly unlimited opportunity.

Chicago As It Was: Survival of the Fittest
by Perry R. Duis
Chicagoans were working out long before health club memberships became musts for well-rounded urbanities.

M.W. Newman: In Praise of St. Vartan
Every neighborhood needs a resident philosopher. Restaurateur Varouj Vartanian serves his views along with Armenian specialties.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Balls and jacks on a string, fire-breathing dragons, clocks made of sponge: It’s the month of sun, and we’re on child time

Dining on a Budget: Little Bites of the Big Apple
by Jill and Ron Rohde
How to leave New York on a full stomach without an empty wallet

Dining on the Town: Shell Games
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Feeling crabby? Here are two shellfish spots to brighten your spirits.

The Best of Chicago: Remedies for a Sick Neighborhood
by Laura Green
Mount Sinai Hospital’s Ruth Rothstein is writing a special prescription for her ailing community.

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