A Moment of Truth
by Ben Joravsky

Twenty years after Dr. King’s visit, the question remains: Has Chicago overcome?

Superior Interiors
by Judith Neisser and Brenda Shapiro
Rooms of note and five interior designers who can make them happen

fiction by Louise Erdrich
Between men and women, pretty’s not the only thing.

Michael Madigan
by Bruce DuMont
The Speaker of the Illinois House explains how he has survived four mayors and three governors to become the state’s most powerful Democrat.

All That’s Fair
by Robin Hemley
The queen might lose her crown, but at the Illinois State Fair, only the hogs fall down.



by Henry Hanson
Vietnam and vets on the minds of Emmy Awards crowd; boozing it up the old-fashioned way in a posthumous Hemingway novel; the faith of Job celebrated in a new Chagall tapestry

On the Aisle: Wishing Lyric Felicitous Bows
by Claudia Cassidy
… and intimate sharing on the highest level

Movies: Strange Love
by Dave Kehr
Cannes predicts a year in which women fall in love with dresses and go shopping for mates.

Theatre: Turkey Trot
by Tom Valeo

Don’t be too envious of critics who get paid to see a play – they can’t leave until it’s over.

Books: Stern but Wry
It’s all in the family in Richard Stern’s new novel.

Travel: Autumn in New York
by Joanna L. Krotz
Transition and transformation on the Lower East Side

City: Family Matters
by Ina Jaffe
A new court helps victims of domestic violence.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
What the Yellow Pages may not tell you: where to find the work of Illinois craftsmen and English ceramists; the whereabouts of cook’s esoterica, carousel animals, and clothes that advertise – what else? – Oak Street Beach

M.W. Newman: City Dogs
Pets can teach us a lot about people. Just ask Dr. Dann.

Dining on a Budget: Storefront Bounty
by Annie Spiselman and David Novick
Grave kebabs? Here’s where to go for the lusty, earthy cooking of Persia.

Dining on the Town: Time for Thai
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Attention, all those with jaded palates: The fiery, complex cuisine of Thailand awaits.

The Best of Chicago: Show Time for Seniors
by Alan Gross
A few old-timers give new meaning to the art of improvisation.

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