Open All Nite
The rumors are true: Life begins at midnight. Here’s our guide to restaurants, bars, clubs, and businesses that feed your untimely cravings.

Rock ‘n’ Bowl
by Bill Emrich and Donna Forst
We pick up a few of our outer-fringe friends, dance till dawn, party, go bowling, don’t know when to stop.

The Goods: The Morning After
by Donna Frost
What you’ll need to get you up and out the next day

Back from the Brink
by David Moberg
Precision Scientific is just a small factory but it plays a bigger role in the city’s economy than you might think.

How to Avoid Jury Duty
by William J. Helmer
Cynics may wonder whether there are still ways to dodge our constitutional duty. You bet there are.



Journal: Save Our Smokestacks
by Hillel Levin, editor
Love a factory or lose the future.

by David Jackson
From auto wrecks to salvage riches; the Sun-Times‘s front-page news

by Henry Hanson
Hollywood’s waiting for Turow; Picasso turns 20; Weese wins watchdog award.

Theatre: Drama on the Make
by Bob Daily
The trading pits get the comedy treatment on stage.

Books: Family Orbits
Robert Boswell’s Crooked Hearts – wrenching rules for modern living

Space: Tradeoff City
by M.W. Newman
Newton’s Law of Architecture: What goes up must someday come down.

Movies: Fatal Appetites
by Penelope Mesic
In Scene of the Crime, lawlessness is a need of the heart.

Execs: Program Prodigy
by Dan Kening
Greg Solk took WLUP from disco demo derbies to yuppie yak.

Dining: Just Desserts
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Sweet places for little indulgences

Last Call: Cop-Outs and Robbers
by Jack Star
To catch a thief, just try calling the police.

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