Gotta Dance
by Achy Obejas and David Carter

The queen of salsa, the god of swing, the black pack, and the amazing gyrating art students.

The Boys of Rush Street
by Rick Telander
Friday is prime time for any young male who wants to try his luck on Lady Lust. The line forms at the bar.

Adventures of a Club Scout
by Daniel Santow
Through the night with fun and glamour: An intrepid explorer seeks the hidden lair of the wild evening.

It Came from New York
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
At Captain Fiction’s marathon writing workshop, you don’t talk back to the master of the literary universe. In Chicago, of course, people do mouth off.

Chicago Story: The Man in the Middle
by Melvin L. Marks
Remembering Low, Hite & Stanley: Hite was the tall one, Stanley the short one, and Low the vaudeville survivor.

The Cokely Question
by Florence Hamlish Levinsohn
The outspoken aide was fired for his anti-Semitic remarks. But was Steve Cokely just the tip of the iceberg?



by Hillel Levin, editor
For every fantasy profession, there are countless universities that will pander to the dreams of fame and glory.

by David Jackson
City haul; who’ll reign at the Puerto Rican parade?

by Henry Hanson
Architects agree that size counts; Pal Joey star grabs self and dames; Beeby beats out library competition.

by Mark Jannot
Did you hear the ones about the polish inventor?

Twenty years ago, Daley was boss, the police were pigs, the people were in the streets: two books that do look back.

Chicago Woman
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
When a personal shopper takes charge of your life, the challenge begins behind closed doors.

by Anthony Adler
An analysis, in retrospect, of the second International Theatre Festival of Chicago

by Penelope Mesic
In Big, one little boy turns into a decent young man. (It could only happen on celluloid.)

by Carla and Allen Kelson
Three out-of-town restaurants worth a summer drive

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
Victor Borge, Andre Dawson, Dominick Dunne, Sugar

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